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Over $180,000 goes to increase tourism in Green Bay

Published on: 01/04/2023


GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Money from the federal government for COVID-19 relief is helping bring visitors to the Green Bay.

Grants from American Rescue Plan Act dollars were given to several organizations to increase tourism after the pandemic.

Six recipients received different amounts of money for events and exhibits that will bring more people into our community.

"This was a great way really to stimulate the tourism industry to support those artists and businesse, and organizations that again had been severely impacted by COVID," says Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich.

Discover Green Bay is a recipient of one these grants and partnered with the KI Convention Center to put on the Sistine Chapel. This exhibit exists in different cities, but Green Bay is topping all others in ticket sales.

"We're at over 10,500 tickets sold, and that equals out to an economic impact of around $400,000 so far," says Nick Meisner, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Discover Green Bay. "This really puts Green Bay on the map as a place where an art exhibit like the Sistine Chapel can be successful."

Discover Green Bay received $27,000 for this exhibit and has a goal of selling 12,000 tickets.

The other recipients include:

For a grand total of $180,125 dollars spent.

But there is still $69,875 left over for the New Year.

"It kind of goes on a case-by-case basis. It is a reimbursement base grant so organizations do need to submit some of their costs, then the grant covers a portion of them," says Genrich.

Genrich says when the money runs out, the community will still be supported.

"We've had $250,000 allocated for this purpose -- given the success of the program, we would like to see some additional funds allocated as well," says Genrich.

"What these dollars offer not only me but all these folks behind me is the opportunity not only to revitalize space in the City of Green Bay, but to keep spaces alive," says Tarl Knight, Executive Director of the Shipyard District.

If you have an idea for a grant, you are asked to reach out to the Mayor's office.

Author :Lydia Andersen

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