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Gallagher calls House Speaker debacle evidence of democracy, not its failure

Published on: 01/05/2023


WASHINGTON (WLUK) -- Wisconsin's Mike Gallagher kicked off the day in the House of Representatives by nominating Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker, but his speech about the very nature of democracy did little to sway members.

McCarthy, a Republican from California, has yet to secure the necessary 218 votes to become the next Speaker.

While some politicians, including President Joe Biden, have said the Speaker of the House ordeal is embarrassing for the nation, Rep. Gallagher argues that it is just the nature of democracy Jan. 4, 2023. (WLUK/CNN)

While some politicians, including President Joe Biden, have said the ordeal is embarrassing for the nation, Rep. Gallagher, R-8th District, argues that it is just the nature of democracy.

"I think my friends on the Democratic side misunderstand what's happening here. Sure, it looks messy, but democracy is messy. Democracy is messy! Democracy is messy by design. By design! And that's a feature, not a bug of our system," said Gallagher. "We air it all out in the open for the American people to see because, at the end of the day, the president's not in charge, the Supreme Court's not in charge and the Speaker of the House's not even in charge; the American people are in charge."

The House continues to vote for its next Speaker Jan. 4, 2023. (Photo Courtesy CNN)

Gallagher admitted that many of his colleagues are frustrated by the past couple of days, but he joked that the

only place he'd rather be is Lambeau Field on a Sunday.

He said he is proud to be a member of a party that invites debate and differing opinions.

  • During one of the multiple standing ovations Gallagher received, someone called out, "Gallagher for Speaker!"

Despite the outburst, Gallagher remained steadfast in his support of McCarthy.

"Nobody has done more to lay out a plan for how we restore the basic functioning of this institution than Kevin McCarthy. Nobody. Nobody has done that!" rallied Gallagher.

Regardless of Gallagher's support, some GOP members are looking beyond McCarthy to Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida.

Author :Molly Ruffing

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